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Revitalizing Canada Housing Sector A Productivity Perspective

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The recent insights from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's deputy chief economist underscore a unanimous call for a substantial boost in housing supply to address affordability concerns in Canada. This shift in conversation towards strategies and avenues to realize this goal brings attention to the need for enhancing productivity within the residential construction sector, with a particular focus on labor productivity. This exploration, the first in a series on productivity, delves into both overarching challenges and nuanced issues within the housing supply chain, identifying areas ripe for improvement.

Labor productivity stands out as a pervasive challenge, exacerbated by the retirement of baby boomers and widespread shortages of skilled labor. With approximately 25% of the construction sector's workforce expected to retire within the next decade, there is a pressing need to address this issue. Moreover, labor scarcities have led to diminishing enrollments in trade training programs, a concerning trend for a sector heavily reliant on diverse skilled labor. Housing presents unique productivity challenges due to its diverse characteristics and complex production processes, lacking the capital, economies of scale, and continuous production cycles seen in more productive sectors like mining.

The fragmented nature of Canada's residential construction sector, particularly in regions dominated by single-detached housing, hampers investments in research, training, and project management efficiency. However, recent studies indicate that firms engaged in multi-unit projects demonstrate higher productivity levels, suggesting potential benefits from leveraging emerging technologies. Addressing productivity in housing supply requires a holistic approach encompassing critical pre-construction stages such as concept design and permitting processes. Governments play a pivotal role in driving productivity through direct investments, fiscal incentives, and innovative policies, highlighting the potential for public-private partnerships to instigate transformative change in the housing sector. It is essential to develop comprehensive solutions that tackle both industry-specific challenges and broader market realities to effectively address the country's housing crisis.

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